Executive Builder Workshop - Santa Fe

June 19-21, 2018 - Sante Fe, NM

Housing is ripe for disruption based on critical ‘hard’ trends looming ahead. An industry slow to adopt new change can no longer sit on the sidelines waiting to exploit proven innovations. A select group of home builder executives have been invited to examine each core element of the housing industry for opportunities to prepare for this paradigm shift. This will be enhanced by collaborating and sharing lessons learned among the participating senior executives. A rising tide raises all boats and the housing industry can best improve by working together. This workshop will begin the process for each home builder attending.

Desired Outcome:

  • Understanding the visible future based on hard trends
  • Self-assessment of sustainable development practices for each builder
  • Self-assessment of good housing design practices for each builder
  • Self-assessment of high-performance home practices for each builder
  • Self-assessment of quality home construction practices for each builder
  • Self-assessment of effective home sales practices for each builder
  • Action plan for each builder identifying top three high-priority innovation opportunities

Workshop Information


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Santa Fe Workshop Attendees