Executive Builder Workshops

Innovation is accelerating. 
It’s accelerating at an exponential rate, in every aspect of our lives and businesses. 
This is an absolute certainty. 
Housing can no longer afford to sit on the innovation sideline.
Not without losing critical opportunities to transform the homeownership experience.
A better experience homebuyers will have to have, once they try it.
This includes 78 million Gen-Y innovation junkies waiting for a compelling reason to buy a new home.
This includes 76 million baby-boomers who know homeownership can be better.
But the innovation has to come from the industry itself.

It’s time to retool.

Retooling workshops bring together CEO’s, presidents and key decision-makers from leading builders to explore opportunities for innovation and begin the process of putting the highest priority innovations into action. By attending this workshop you will:

  • Be part of a unique collaborate process with your executive peers
  • Learn new concepts, share lessons learned, explore new ideas, and define immediate actions to innovate your product
  • Learn about some of the latest products on the market that can transform your product
  • Acquire tools to start leading your company to a better future
  • Be invited to attend future meetings to continue the collaborative and learning process.

In other words, you’ll have a plan to immediately become a better developer or builder consistently exceeding homebuyer expectations.

Workshop Details

  • Approximately 15 to 20 CEO’s, Presidents, or Key Decision Makers from leading builders or developers attend each Workshop
  • Fast-paced two-day program
  • Workshops led by Sam Rashkin, author of Retooling the U.S. Housing Industry who has led national housing programs partnering with thousands of home builders and resulting in over one million certified high-performance homes.
  • Workshop sponsored by some of the most innovative manufacturers and housing programs working with the housing industry