Builder Consulting Services

The Retooling team offers customized services and workshops for individual builders to help transform their homebuyers’ consumer experience.

Retooling Benchmarking Services

An independent assessment by one of our nation’s leading housing experts will identify how you can best optimize your homebuyers’ consumer experience.
Retooling will provide assessments for one or more of the five critical housing industry components including community development plans, design packages, construction documents, quality management, and sales practices. At the completion of the work, builders receive a detailed report and recommendations.

Retooling Individual Builder Workshops

Your company will optimize innovation by leveraging vital perspectives from all key players involved in the business management, design, construction, and selling of your homes. 
Retooling will facilitate a unique collaborate process with individual builders including their key company executives, managers, trade partners, architects/designers and sales staff. The ultimate goal is involve all business perspectives in identifying the best opportunities for innovation and planning for immediate action. Workshops can focus on the entire end-to-end homebuilding process or individual components such as community development, design, performance, quality, and sales. Following the workshop, builders will receive a complete report and action plan for retooling their business.

Marketing Support

Your company will be able to engage prospective buyers with singularly unique and effective marketing messages.
If you don’t tell your story, you give it away. Retooling will review existing marketing material and ideas and then prepare recommendations for optimizing each company’s message so you don’t give it away. In addition, we will work with your team to implement this message.

Sales Workshops

Your trained sales team will be able to ensure every buyer knows why you build homes and why your homes deliver a better consumer experience.
The existing housing sales force has not been historically trained to sell innovation. Retooling will develop cutting edge sales solutions and also provide sales training workshops that ensure your sales staff can provide your prospective homebuyers with the best experience before, during, and after the sale. Retooling is also available to support role-playing exercises and mystery shopping evaluations.