Manufacturer Consulting Services

Retooling provides services that help each manufacturer more effectively engage housing executives and key decision-makers and directly link their company with innovation leadership.

Manufacturer Hosted Retooling Builder Workshops

Your company will be positioned as an innovation leader vested in each of the success of your builder customers and your products will be featured as part of a complete business solution. 
Manufacturer workshops for builder executives, managers, trade partners, architects/designers and sales staff provide a unique opportunity to be associated with housing innovation and to position your product(s) as part of a complete solution addressing all key housing components. These workshops also provide access to industry executives enabling manufacturers to best understand their customers’ needs and concerns, showcase their latest products, and provide plant tours.

Retooling Presentations

Your company will be associated with innovation leadership and a vital source of business solutions. 
Retooling will provide keynote presentations at manufacturer corporate meetings and special events for builders and leading trade partners.  These presentations will be customized to feature how each manufacturer contributes to housing innovation.

Marketing and Sales Workshops

Your team and builder clients will be able to more effectively market and sell homes with your products. 
Retooling will work closely with manufacturers’ executives, program managers, and marketing/sales staff to develop key marketing messages and point-of-sales solutions for their builder customers that capture the superior home buyer experience associated with their highly innovative products. Retooling can also work with manufacturers on their own marketing messages and programs to more effectively tell their product story.