Retooling Consulting Services

Innovation is accelerating. It’s accelerating at an exponential rate, in every aspect of our lives and businesses. This is an absolute certainty. Housing can no longer afford to sit on the innovation sideline. Not without losing critical opportunities to transform the homeownership experience. 

A better experience homebuyers will have to have, once they try it. This includes 78 million Gen-Y innovation junkies waiting for a compelling reason to buy a new home. This includes 76 million baby-boomers who know homeownership can be better. But the innovation has to come from the industry itself.

It’s time to retool.

Retooling provides a wide range of targeted services to help drive innovation. Click on the appropriate box below for opportunities to work with Sam Rashkin.

Consulting Service Details

  • Contact Susan Shelley to begin planning services
  • Detailed interviews will be set up and conducted with Sam Rashkin to identify the most effective consulting services
  • A detailed proposal will be prepared and provided outlining all services to be performed, costs, and time-frame.